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About POODLE and jclouds

25 October 2014, by Andrew Phillips

POODLE is a recently discovered attack against SSLv3. If the endpoints you are communicating with do not support this version of the SSL protocol, this attack is not relevant.

ApacheCon EU 2014 talks

19 October 2014, by Andrew Gaul

ApacheCon EU 2014 accepted three jclouds-related talks, including an overview of jclouds and detailed discussions of cloud object storage and cloud databases.

Google Summer of Code 2014 results

23 September 2014, by Andrew Gaul

Google Summer of Code 2014 has concluded and both Apache jclouds students have successfully completed their projects, Amazon Glacier and Google Cloud Storage support.

Better Builders with jclouds!

04 September 2014, by Zack Shoylev

If you are a new jclouds developer, or even if you are already developing jclouds support for any of the OpenStack or Rackspace APIs, you have likely seen the domain classes that are used throughout the the jclouds codebase. These classes are used to represent OpenStack resources, particularly the JSON structures supported by OpenStack APIs.

1 release, 2 committers...a busy week for jclouds!

05 August 2014, by Andrew Phillips

There's a lot going on this week for the jclouds community. Most importantly, we're really pleased to introduce two new committers: Andrea Turli and Chris Custine.