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Introducing context linking & Neutron support for Nova

06 February 2018, by Ignasi Barrera

One of the limitations of some jclouds APIs and Providers is that they are isolated libraries that cannot directly interact between them. There are scenarios where this would be desirable, such as letting OpenStack Nova (compute) use the OpenStack Neutron API (networking) to perform all networking related operations. There was no direct way to implement this in the jclouds APIs code, and users were left with the responsibility of invoking both APIs to have the desired behavior.

OpenStack Keystone V3 Support

16 January 2018, by Ignasi Barrera

In the last few months, the jclouds community has been working hard on adding support for OpenStack Keystone V3. This has not been easy, as all the existing OpenStack APIs depend on it and we try hard to keep our APIs backwards-compatible. We wanted a clean solution that allowed users to upgrade with minimal changes required to existing code.

Adding support for arbitrary CPU and RAM to ComputeService

22 August 2016, by Iván Lomba

Through of a Google Summer of Code project, Apache jclouds now allows users to manually set arbitrary values for desired CPU and RAM of compute instances.

About POODLE and jclouds

25 October 2014, by Andrew Phillips

POODLE is a recently discovered attack against SSLv3. If the endpoints you are communicating with do not support this version of the SSL protocol, this attack is not relevant.

ApacheCon EU 2014 talks

19 October 2014, by Andrew Gaul

ApacheCon EU 2014 accepted three jclouds-related talks, including an overview of jclouds and detailed discussions of cloud object storage and cloud databases.