Over 6 months in the making, and just in time for JavaOne, jclouds 1.5 is formally released. Many of you have been awaiting (or helping build) massive new support for OpenStack based clouds. There's even more, such as our new Jenkins Plugin and command-line utility.

I encourage you to check out our release notes and give the newly minted version 1.5.1 a whirl. If you haven't seen our new website, check it out and let Becca know how you like it!

For those of you looking to meetup, you can find us at the Jenkins User Conference, JavaOne, meetup at Abiquo during VMworld EU, the OpenStack Summit, Java/Cloud2Days, and RWX. You can also meet us on irc freenode #jclouds and our google group.

Thanks to the many who made this happen, especially our community! Here's to 1.6!

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