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jclouds 1.5.4 "Mistletoe" released

12 December 2012, by Adrian Cole

jclouds community is an international group with over 100 contributors since we started in early 2009. The idea of holidays vary, but we decided Mistletoe as an appropriate codename for jclouds 1.5.4. Here's why.

jclouds 1.5.3 out the door

17 November 2012, by Adrian Cole

Released on 2012-11-14, jclouds 1.5.3 includes minor fixes, and a few important updates.

500 jclouds builds on BuildHive and counting...

09 November 2012, by Adrian Cole

At jclouds, we've been running our Jenkins continuous integration jobs in CloudBees' DEV@cloud for a while now (CloudBees has a FOSS programme). We also have an active and ever-increasing contributor community, which amongst others means... lots of pull requests.

jclouds 1.5 is out!

28 September 2012, by Adrian Cole

Over 6 months in the making, and just in time for JavaOne, jclouds 1.5 is formally released. Many of you have been awaiting (or helping build) massive new support for OpenStack based clouds. There's even more, such as our new Jenkins Plugin and command-line utility.

Fluency for paginated api lists

16 July 2012, by Adrian Cole

The problem of large result sets is something cloud providers want you to have. For example, what better sign of cloud life is there than Amazon S3 having a trillion objects stored so far. The way most cloud apis deal with listing your million (or even thousand) things is to paginate the response.