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jclouds 1.2 released!

18 October 2011, by Adrian Cole

The 1.2 release of jclouds includes results of almost 2 months effort by our community. A total of 55 Issues were addressed between jclouds 1.1 and 1.2, stabilizing the cloud so you don't have to!

Catching exceptions with fewer keystrokes

13 May 2009, by Adrian Cole

Some of us hate checked exceptions, but still use them for one reason or another. A common problem we have is unnecessary exception nesting, or runtime swallowing. This often leads to the all to familiar and crufty code with a million catch blocks. jclouds has a slightly different approach that strikes a balance, allowing checked exceptions to be dealt with, but without the pain of so many lines of repetitious code.

jclouds-s3 beta released

11 May 2009, by Adrian Cole

jclouds provides any-weight clouds tools for Java 5 and later: you choose the depth you want. We are pleased to announce our first beta of jclouds-s3. jclouds-s3 provides both Map and FutureCommand interfaces to Amazon S3.