The 1.2 release of jclouds includes results of almost 2 months effort by our contributors. A total of 55 Issues were addressed between jclouds 1.1 and the current revision of jclouds 1.2 (1.2.1).

jclouds 1.2 is a stabilizing release which addresses numerous timeout and script invocation issues. This release also increases our reach to 8 new data centers due to new support for CloudSigma, Go2Cloud, and SoftLayer.

As always, we keep our examples site up to date so you can see how to work this stuff. Next release will be in approximately 1-months time. Look out for progress including vCloud 1.5, Voxel, and VirtualBox.

Please submit your own ideas and let us know if there are features you'd like to see, need help on, or are interested in contributing. Make sure you follow us on Twitter for updates.


Many thanks to everyone who contributed their time and effort in order to make this release happen. Specifically (in alphabetical order): Adam Lowe(adam.p.lowe), Adrian Cole(adrian.f.cole), Alex Heneveld (alex.heneveld at, Andrei Savu(savu.andrei), Andrew Kennedy(andrewinternational), Andrew Phillips(sharedocs1), Andrew Turli (andrea.turli), Allen Rohner (arohner), David Alves(davidralves), Dmitry Durnev (ddurnev at, Hugo Duncan(duncan.hugo), Andrew Gaul (gaul at, Jason King(jason.king at, Mattias Holmqvist(mattias.holmqvist), Phil Jackson at softlayer, Tom White(tom.e.white)

New Features

CloudSigma Las Vegas

We now support the CloudSigma Las Vegas data center. Check out their site for more details.


We now support the Go2Cloud Johannesburg data center. Check out their site for more details.

SoftLayer Support

We now support the SoftLayer provider Softlayer currently has a cloud service offering in 6 Data Centres (Dallas1, Dallas 5, Seattle, Washington DC, San Jose and Singapore) with Amsterdam to follow shortly.

Users have a flexible range of instance sizes to choose from (e.g. 1GB-16GB ram, 1-16 2.0Ghz Cores). They can also choose between multi-tenant or private cores and have a range of disk options available (for example SAN or local boot disk). The network uplink speed is 10Mbit by default and this can be upgraded to 100 or 1000 if required. Operating systems available are CentOS, Debian, Fedora, RHEL, Ubuntu and Windows.

Amazon EC2 Enhancements

We now support the cloud watch api, users can use 'tags' and we have upgraded to the latest Amazon Linux version. The example below shows adding a tags to an instance using the

client.createTagsInRegion("us-east-1", ImmutableList.of("instanceId"),
        ImmutableMap.of("test-key", "test-value", "only-key", ""));

See below for example code for creating tags when launching a node.

Timeouts when running scripts

Users can manage their own timeouts when running scripts. It borrows all semantics from the Future interface in java.

ListenableFuture<ExecResponse> future = client.submitScriptOnNode(node.getId(), Statements.exec("sleep 300"), nameTask("sleeper").runAsRoot(false));
ExecResponse response = null;
try {
   response = future.get(1, TimeUnit.MILLISECONDS);
} catch (TimeoutException e) {

key/value pairs on nodes

Users can now set key/value pairs on nodes upon startup. This is supported in byon, aws-ec2, cloudservers-us|uk nova and can be used to set the Name field in ec2

The example below shows how to create a node with it's name set:

String myName = ...;
TemplateOptions options = client.templateOptions();
options.userMetadata(ImmutableMap.of("Name", myName));
client.createNodesInGroup(group, 1, options);


We have updated various components to new versions including Clojure 1.3, Guava 10.0.1, Sshkj 0.6.1, Gson 1.7.2 and the latest version of Elastic Stack.

We have removed a dependency on an unofficial library for jsr305 and introduced our own annotation org.jclouds.javax.annotation.Nullable instead.

All new features

Defects Addressed

API Breakers

There are no api breakers in this release and nothing new has been deprecated. Deprecated methods will be removed in the next release.

Cool Stuff

The Ambatu project now has jclouds support!


Status of release 1.2.0 is tracked in issue 714 Status of release 1.2.1 is tracked in issue 726

Test Results

maven dependency abstraction iso 3166 codes result notes
o.j.p/aws-cloudwatch US-VA,US-CA,IE,SG 1/1
o.j.p/aws-ec2 compute US-VA,US-CA,IE,SG 147/147
o.j.p/aws-s3 blobstore US,US-CA,IE,SG 102/102
o.j.p/azureblob blobstore US-TX,US-IL,IE-D,SG,NL-NH,HK 94/96 failures
o.j.p/bluelock-vcloud-zone01 compute US-IN 139/139
o.j.p/cloudfiles-uk blobstore GB-SLG 89/89
o.j.p/cloudfiles-us blobstore US-TX 90/90
o.j.p/cloudloadbalancers-us loadbalancer US-IL,US-TX 3/3 lbs now take a couple mins to provision
o.j.p/cloudonestorage blobstore US-GA,US-TX 63/65 failures
o.j.p/cloudservers-uk compute GB-SLG 125/125
o.j.p/cloudservers-us compute US-IL,US-TX 125/125
o.j.p/cloudsigma-zrh compute CH-ZH 134/149 failures
o.j.p/cloudsigma-lvs compute US-NV 134/142 failures
o.j.p/elastichosts-lon-b compute GB-LND 123/123
o.j.p/elastichosts-lon-p compute GB-LND 121/123 failures
o.j.p/elastichosts-sat-p compute US-TX 123/132 failures
o.j.p/eucalyptus-partnercloud-ec2 compute US-CA 109/122 failures
o.j.p/eucalyptus-partnercloud-s3 blobstore US-CA 100/108 failures
o.j.p/go2cloud-jhb1 compute ZA-GP 122/122
o.j.p/gogrid compute US-CA,US-VA,NL-NH 109/109
o.j.p/greenhousedata-element-vcloud compute US-WY 138/138
o.j.p/ninefold-storage blobstore AU-NSW 63/69 failures
o.j.p/openhosting-east1 compute US-VA 122/122
o.j.p/rimuhosting compute NZ-AUK,US-TX,AU-NSW,GB-LND 111/121 failures
o.j.p/savvis-symphonyvpdc compute US,CA 96/109 failures; it took 14hrs for all important tests to fail
o.j.p/serverlove-z1-man compute GB-MAN 123/123
o.j.p/skalicloud-sdg-my compute MY-10 122/122
o.j.p/slicehost compute US-IL,US-TX,US-MO 124/134 failures
o.j.p/softlayer compute SG,US-CA,US-TX,US-VA,US-WA,US-TX 127/127
o.j.p/stratogen-vcloud-mycloud compute GB 134/165 failures
o.j.p/synaptic-storage blobstore US-VA,US-TX 63/65 failures
o.j.p/trmk-ecloud compute US-FL,US-VA,NL-NH,BR-SP 138/148 failures
o.j.p/trmk-vcloudexpress compute US-FL 139/146 failures
maven dependency abstraction endpoint tested result notes
o.j.a/atmos blobstore pending
o.j.a/byon compute pending
o.j.a/cloudfiles blobstore pending
o.j.a/cloudservers blobstore pending
o.j.a/deltacloud compute fail jclouds needs to be updated to 0.4.1
o.j.a/elasticstack compute pending
o.j.a/eucalyptus compute pending
o.j.a/filesystem blobstore pending
o.j.a/nova compute pending
o.j.a/swift blobstore 89/95 failures
o.j.a/vcloud compute pending
o.j.a/walrus blobstore pending