The following are Provider modules. These are preconfigured for public cloud services, and are accessible via the maven group org.jclouds.provider.

maven dependency abstraction technical contact result notes
o.j.p/aws-cloudwatch unassigned 3/3
o.j.p/aws-ec2 compute unassigned 154/164 failures
o.j.p/aws-route53 unassigned 14/14
o.j.p/aws-s3 blobstore unassigned 124/129 failures
o.j.p/aws-sqs unassigned 14/14
o.j.p/aws-sts unassigned 3/3
o.j.p/azureblob blobstore unassigned 99/99
o.j.p/bluelock-vcloud-zone01 compute unassigned 111/126 failures
o.j.p/cloudfiles-uk blobstore sdk-support @t 96/99 failures
o.j.p/cloudfiles-us blobstore sdk-support @t 96/99 failures
o.j.p/cloudloadbalancers-uk loadbalancer sdk-support @t 3/8 failures
o.j.p/cloudloadbalancers-us loadbalancer sdk-support @t 3/8 failures
o.j.p/cloudonestorage blobstore unassigned pending
o.j.p/cloudservers-uk compute sdk-support @t 0/152 failures
o.j.p/cloudservers-us compute sdk-support @t 0/152 failures
o.j.p/cloudsigma-lvs compute unassigned 131/140 failures
o.j.p/cloudsigma-zrh compute unassigned 124/141 failures
o.j.p/dynect unassigned 15/18 failures
o.j.p/elastichosts-lax-p compute 9/132 failures
o.j.p/elastichosts-lon-b compute 9/132 failures
o.j.p/elastichosts-lon-p compute 9/132 failures
o.j.p/elastichosts-sat-p compute 109/132 failures
o.j.p/elastichosts-tor-p compute 9/132 failures
o.j.p/glesys compute unassigned 101/169 failures
o.j.p/go2cloud-jhb1 compute unassigned 107/131 failures
o.j.p/gogrid compute unassigned 114/119 failures
o.j.p/greenhousedata-element-vcloud compute unassigned 2/126 failures
o.j.p/hpcloud-compute compute unassigned 121/142 failures
o.j.p/hpcloud-objectstorage blobstore unassigned 90/98 failures
o.j.p/ninefold-compute compute 101/115 failures
o.j.p/ninefold-storage blobstore 52/68 failures
o.j.p/openhosting-east1 compute unassigned 129/131 failures
o.j.p/rackspace-cloudblockstorage-uk compute sdk-support @t 7/7
o.j.p/rackspace-cloudblockstorage-us compute sdk-support @t 7/7
o.j.p/rackspace-clouddns-uk compute sdk-support @t 23/23
o.j.p/rackspace-clouddns-us compute sdk-support @t 30/30
o.j.p/rackspace-cloudloadbalancers-uk compute sdk-support @t 9/9
o.j.p/rackspace-cloudloadbalancers-us compute sdk-support @t 4/9 failures
o.j.p/rackspace-cloudservers-uk compute sdk-support @t 123/125 failures
o.j.p/rackspace-cloudservers-us compute sdk-support @t 116/125 failures
o.j.p/serverlove-z1-man compute unassigned 107/132 failures
o.j.p/skalicloud-sdg-my compute unassigned 112/131 failures
o.j.p/softlayer compute softlayer 111/134 failures
o.j.p/trmk-ecloud compute unassigned 121/145 failures
o.j.p/trmk-vcloudexpress compute unassigned 124/145 failures
o.j.p/ultradns-ws unassigned 71/75 failures


The following are Api modules. These can be targeted at an endpoint, such as your private cloud url. Api modules are accessible via the maven group org.jclouds.api.

maven dependency abstraction endpoint tested technical contact result notes
o.j.a/atmos blobstore unassigned 55/68 failures
o.j.a/byon compute localhost jclouds 1/1
o.j.a/chef unassigned 53/53
o.j.a/cloudfiles blobstore sdk-support @t 96/99 failures
o.j.a/cloudservers compute sdk-support @t pending
o.j.a/cloudsigma compute unassigned 26/50 failures
o.j.a/cloudstack compute unassigned 58/124 failures
o.j.a/cloudwatch unassigned 4/8 failures
o.j.a/ec2 compute unassigned 40/62 failures
o.j.a/elasticstack compute unassigned 8/41 failures
o.j.a/filesystem blobstore jclouds 66/66
o.j.a/openstack-cinder pending unassigned pending
o.j.a/openstack-keystone unassigned 1/12 failures
o.j.a/openstack-nova compute unassigned 54/79 failures
o.j.a/openstack-nova-ec2 compute unassigned unassigned pending
o.j.a/rackspace-clouddns sdk-support @t 30/30
o.j.a/rackspace-cloudidentity sdk-support @t 5/14 failures
o.j.a/rackspace-cloudloadbalancers loadbalancer sdk-support @t 9/40 failures
o.j.a/route53 unassigned 9/9
o.j.a/s3 unassigned 112/117 failures
o.j.a/sqs unassigned 17/17
o.j.a/sts unassigned 2/3 failures
o.j.a/swift blobstore unassigned unassigned 0/0 failures
o.j.a/vcloud compute unassigned unassigned 17/36 failures


The following are Labs apis and providers. These are not yet stable, but you can try them out via the maven group org.jclouds.labs

maven dependency type abstraction endpoint tested technical contact result notes
o.j.l/abiquo api compute http://localhost/api pending
o.j.l/hostedchef provider unassigned 47/49 failures One of the two test failures is caused by CHEF-2477