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New toys in 1.5.0-alpha.6

02 May 2012, by Adrian Cole

We are very near beta, I promise! In the mean time, we just cut a new codebase with a bunch of cool new toys. Here's a few. Thanks to Adam Lowe, we are getting even deeper into OpenStack with more Keystone support than ever. Setup your code to pull org.jclouds.labs/openstack-keystone, and you can do stuff like this.

Take a peek at vCloud Director 1.5, OpenStack, and VirtualBox

23 March 2012, by Adrian Cole

The jclouds team have been working very hard lately, particularly on a few new apis. We've decided to cage them no longer and cut jclouds 1.5.0-alpha.1. Most notably, we've added the openstack-nova api, and three new providers, all of which discovered via OpenStack Keystone v2.0.

EC2 gets rid of that "if instancetype.is32bit" statement

09 March 2012, by Adrian Cole

2 weeks ago, I started a bit of a rant on EC2's 32bit-only vms.

jclouds 1.3 released!

21 January 2012, by Adrian Cole

The 1.3 release of jclouds includes results of 3-months effort by our contributors. A total of 57 Issues were addressed between jclouds 1.2.0 and the current revision of jclouds 1.3 (1.3.1).

jclouds training and Jfokus Stockholm

17 January 2012, by Adrian Cole

For those of you in Stockholm, or coming in for Jfokus, don't miss out on a few nearby events.